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We help the world live and work wherever they choose from, whether it’s across the street or across the globe.


I’m Murali. I started MidGear.

The secret to success is simplifying your life. That is what the remote job demands from you. And that is what the right remote job offers you! 

Dropping your commute, doing what you love, spending more time with your loved ones…. what’s not to love about a remote job? But how do you get there? How do you land a remote job? How can you become a productive remote professional?

We’ve made all that easy for you by building a community full of great minds. At MidGear, you will meet the best sales, customer success, and recruitment professionals, and the jobs that would be delivered to your inbox! The common denominator here is the love of remote work and self-improvement.

We are looking for big thinkers who aren’t afraid to break free of traditional ways of living and want a better way.

Join the tribe! Let’s work together to make this a reality for millions to come.


WHAT’s in it for you?

We’ll help you get a gig, earn money, and get better at what you do. The best part is, it’s all remote. You can work from where you are, doing what you love!

The Shortcut
to Land a
Remote Job

The Shortcut to Land a Remote Job

No more bid wars, waiting for payments, struggling for recommendations, or co-ordination issues.

MidGear works with most innovative businesses in the country and will deliver the jobs you love at your inbox.


Once you’re a member, you’ll get access to a community of smart, driven people on a dedicated slack community. Our channels are open for discussing ideas, situations, real time challenges, deals, jobs, productivity, nomading, DIY, parenting and other topics of interest.

It’s a community of like-minded people just like you. This is your opportunity to share links, discuss topics, and bounce ideas off of some of the smartest remote workers on the planet.



Direct access to amazing people

Private networking opportunities with remote workers, executives, and entrepreneurs!

From meet-ups to webinars to meet-and-greets, we want remote professionals alike to meet new people, support and teach one another, learn new things, and help grow this unique community. MidGear events are the key to opening those doors.

Exclusive Content

Our goal is to have a constantly growing, constantly improving experience for all members of the MidGear Community. We are regularly adding content to our content library and you’ll have access to everything, past and future.

Members of the MidGear Community have access to exclusive content that’s available freely on MidGear. This private trove contains ideas designed to help you make better decisions and take advantage of opportunities where others can’t.

Kickstart your remote job search today!

Kickstart your remote job search today!

Bring your

Bring your