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RECRUITING Assistant On-Demand.

You can focus on closing candidates.
We’ll handle all the gruntwork!

What we handle?

Source candidates

We’ll source the best talent from our Community and other web sources like LinkedIn,, Naukri, etc

Manage candidates

We’ll take care of your end to end recruiting funnel. From sourcing to closing.

Schedule Interviews

Whether it’s a phone screen or a coffee meeting, we’ve got it all covered.

Source Candidates

We are a largest community of sales, account management, customer success, and reruitement professionals. We do initial reachout to candidates on our community, field initial responses, and turn them into scheduled calls. We can manage other lead sourcing contracts as well, if you want to use external services.

Best fit for companies who may have just raised a round of funding or add few resources to grow their team quickly.

Manage Candidates

Moving candidates between funnel stages is manual and annoying. MidGear can keep your funnel up to date. We integrate with whatever tools you use, whether it’s spreadsheets or professional management tools.

MidGear for funnel management is especially useful if you have a high candidate to recruiter ratio and you want to focus on closing deals rather than admin work.

Schedule Interviews

Recruiting involves long days of meetings. There are inevitable cancelations, reschedules, and last-minute meetings. Let MidGear handle the minutiae so that you can go from meeting to meeting without having to handle everything.

MidGear can fill your schedule to your preferences, e.g. all in-person meetings in the morning and all phone screens in the afternoon. If you need to clear your schedule for an emergency, MidGear can send reschedule emails and put the new meetings on your calendar.


What You Get?

Dedicated Account Manager

Your account manager gets to know you, your needs, and your team. This gives you…

Priority Service

If your team is under high load from other clients, you will always be first in line.

Centralized Account Management

Give your entire team access to Midgear through a single account. This gives you the ability to…


Let’s Chat About Your Growth

Learn more about all the ways MidGear provides your business flexibility, drives ROI and ultimately, gives you more time to focus on scaling your business.