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On-Demand remote teams to drive ROI, save capital and give you more time to focus on closing deals, meeting deadlines and scaling your business.

No Minimum,
No Commitments.

We’ll take care of the busy work that costs your team’s time. With MidGear, you are free from the head aches of sourcing, hiring, training and managing additional people or contracts.

The best part is you can scale your needs up and down without commitments, as you plan your growth.

Save time and costs

Boost sales

Recruit better talent

Scale your business

Retain customers

We believe in

Levellng the playing field is what we do. Our team is with you every step of the way, championing your growth.

We believe in partnerships.

Levellng the playing field is what we do. Our team is with you every step of the way, championing your growth.

Bottom Line, Better Value

Sales Enrichment & Qualification

We can set up your sales team to get more business. Clients task us to streamline the sales process, qualify leads and get them into the hands of sales team, ready to be closed.

Onboarding and Engaggement

We can reach out to your signs ups, drive POC, educate your customers and onboard them. Clients task us to convert sign ups and increase onboarding efficiency.


We can help grow your team. Talented folks are in high demand. Let us handle candidate sourcing, qualifying and evaluation so you can focus on the interview.

On demand

We can be your go to sales guys or success managers when there is a need. Clients task us to achieve quarterly goals, increase conversions and retention.


MidGear Integrations


Add your team to Slack and send tasks directly to MidGear Experts. Just @midgear when you need something done. Add MidGear to your entire slack channel for project management and give your whole team immediate assistance.

Video Conferencing

Add Midgear to your video conferences to take minutes, collect notes, and organize next steps. Spend time focusing on your call and we’ll make sure any follow up required is done.

Sales Support

Add Midgear to your sales funnel using your current programs and we’ll jump right in. We’ll use LinkedIn to follow your guidelines on sourcing new leads. We’ll use CRM to enrich leads, do user research, and schedule calls.

Project Management

Add MidGear to your project management tools to streamline your work. Assign MidGear tasks directly from the tool and see the progress of the task on the same dashboard. Ask MidGear to manage your dashboards to stay organized, keep on top of tasks, and catch anything falling through the cracks.

e-mail marketing

MidGear can take care of the day-to-day management of your email marketing tasks. Add new users to email lists, compile email newsletters.


Our Customers
Love What We Do

Don’t just take it from us. Founders, Sales Leaders, and HR professionals use MidGear to free up their teams to grow customers, scale talent and increase organizational efficiency.
We tried increasing our sales a few months ago with a freelancer and it was a nightmare. I was hesitant to try again but I’m so glad I did. MidGear is the best!
Devashish Mamgain
CEO, Kommunicate
The difference between my old and my new team is night and day. The MidGear team is now one of the strongest parts of our business and is driving more sales than we initially planned.
Adarsh Kumar
Co-Founder, Applozic

Check out my new book!

Hacking Startup Sales Teams

Check out my new book!

Hacking Startup
Sales Teams